sobota, 19 lutego 2011

"Tibet - Nepal", Disques BAM 1965

Nagrania z lat 1961-65, z jednej z wcześniejszych ekspedycji w tamte rejony. Od śpiewów mnichów tybetańskich po uliczny festiwal w Nepalu. Mp3/v0, FLAC: strona Tybet strona Nepal, okładki.

All sorts of recordings - both religious and secular - on an old, yet very good sounding platter from the noble BAM Disques label. Mp3/v0, FLAC: Tibet side Nepal side, cover pics.

4 komentarze:

øשlqæda pisze...

looks great. thanks mietek

bolingo69 pisze...

Yes very nice record indeed!
Thank you mietek! Very good of you to include photos of the sleeve! I appreciate that very much!

Is there any possibility that you could also provide scans or photos of the labels as well?

AmbroseBierce pisze...

So nice, thank you!

Recorded by Corneille Jest - I used to know him, during his time he was the leading French ethnographer of Nepal.

BTW: Unfortunately the link to the scans is dead. Any chance for a re-up?

mietek pisze...

thanks so much. i don't think i have the old cover pics, so i'll make new ones - i've had a better camera since, anyway.